Lyracaine™ Gel is a fast acting, clear, topical anesthetic containing a high concentration of lidocaine (5%). Lyracaine™ gel reduces pain by quickly numbing the skin. Unlike other topical anesthetics that can take up to an hour to work, Lyracaine™ works within 20-30 minutes and, best of all, does not require occlusion (covering with a dressing).

Lyracaine™ Gel uses a Micro-Emulsion delivery system guaranteeing fast, effective results. It contains alcohol to cool and soothe the skin as it is absorbed and the addition of petrolatum ensures that it won't slide off the skin resulting in an anesthetic that is easy to wipe off. Once applied, Lyracaine™ will offer relief from pain for up to 2 hours.

Lyracaine™ can be used at home to provide temporary relief of pain associated with minor cuts, burns, scrapes and bites or at the doctor's office for hair removal, laser treatments, injections, filler treatments, Botox® injections, removal of warts etc.

Lyracaine™ Gel is:

• Hassle Free – no need to apply a dressing
• Clear – no one will know you have it on
• Fast Acting – effective pain relief within 20-30 minutes
• Targeted – addition of petrolatum prevents sliding
• Soothing – alcohol cools the skin while the gel is absorbed
• Effective – high concentration of lidocaine provides long lasting relief
• Easy – no prescription required