The skin around the eyes is the first part of the face to show signs of aging. To combat these signs of aging we have created Clarifying Under Eye Serum capsules with an exclusive formula containing pure stabilized retinol, peptides and an essential mineral complex. These ingredients, well known for their rejuvenating properties, reverse the signs of aging to provide more vibrant, younger looking skin around the eyes.

The skin under the eyes is very thin, and when blood passes through the veins next to the skin's surface it can bleed out, causing dark circles to appear. The thinner the skin under the eyes, the more visible the dark circles will appear. The Peptides contained in Clarifying Under Eye Serum have been shown to heal the damaged capillaries and arteries in the skin, helping blood to circulate around the eyes and aid in the clotting process.

Like all products in the Phiderma® skin care line, Clarifying Under Eye Serum uses the patented Microsponge® Delivery System for a penetrating, sustained delivery.

Benefits of Clarifying Under Eye Serum:

• Smooth the look of wrinkles around the eyes
• Reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles
• Improve the feel of skin's elasticity